Thursday, January 18, 2007

Over Sea's Blue Notes

My boat is painted
Ready to ride over sea's blue notes

Steve Anthony

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Dark rippled water
Laps against bark
shaped like teeth

Hugh & Yukiko Limebear

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nature Is Calling

The water ripples
A bird swims alone
Nature is calling

Patsy Evans

A River Flowing

We walk
by graffitied walls
A river flowing


Street Lights

Orange and green leaves
on a nearly bare tree
Street lights

Victoria Coakley

Iron Bridge

Silver leaves
on silver tree
The Iron Bridge

June Murphy

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Quiet Bridge

A quiet bridge
Jake stomps his feet
now past

Gordon Joly

Cold Wind

Cold wind
A plane flies overhead
trailing white

Gordon Joly

Back the Bid

Back the bid
the signs say next to the northern sewer
Change is here to stay

Louise Joly

Time Stopped

No matter
Time stopped

Alec Whiting

Cockney Slag Heap

Cockney slag heap
Sun slides through
doesn’t touch me

Alec Whiting


Many many
make some things
just like this... ching!

Jake Whiting (Age:4)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

At a Glance

刈穂の田 田植どきと 見まちがい

I rode in a footpath between rice fields by bicycle. At a glance, I thought I saw rice transplanting. A blue sky continues and I am very warm. It seems to be spring. In addtion, young rice lengthened as green as green. A wink , I got an illusion of a field in the days of rice-transplanting. This will be influence of warming of the earth!
Green English Kazumi Kihara

Creeper Flower

枯れ草の うねる空き地に 蔓の花

Withered grass rolls
Over an empty plot
Creeper flower
Makiko Shimazaki

Monday, December 04, 2006

When the Morning Is Bright

Rahana has a red dress
She likes her eggs boiled with bread
When the morning is bright
Epic Arts

The Honey Hangs on Trees

Blue trees make blue paper
The sky is blue as blue trees
The honey hangs on trees
Epic Arts

Together They Make Us Happy

There are lots of colours
Green grass, Brown sticks, Blue sea rolling
Together they make us happy
Epic Arts

Does Beauty Need Artificial Aid ?

この秋は 輝きの赤は 失せにけり

There was brilliant red on the leaves. They are lowly brown this autumn. Does beauty need artificial aid ?
Citizens Environmental Foundation

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Shivering Crane

凍鶴の かうと鳴きたる 月夜かな
高橋 克郎
写真: 吉田幸子

In the light of the moon
The Kau of the shivering crane
Katsuro Takahashi
Photograph: Sachiko Yoshida


かつて母と 歩きし径の 土筆摘む
岡田 理江
写真: 吉田 幸子

On a path
where I used to walk with my mother
I picked horsetails
Rie Okada
Photograph: Sachiko Yoshida


夏炉の火 絶やさぬ飛騨の 旅籠かな
加藤 佐代子

At the old inn of Hida
there is always a fire in the hearth
come winter or summer
Sayoko Kato

Hida: Hida is one of Japanese regions, where is surrounded by 3km high mountains.


勇壮に 山車の向き変ふ 腰力
梅沢 きよみ

the Dashi is moved
by the strong backs of men
Kiyomi Umezawa

Dashi: Dashi is like a big portable shrine with wheels. It is pulled through a towm during a festival.


かたかごの うつむく大和 ごころとも
加藤 洋子  
写真:吉田 幸子

Oh humble Katakago
How sincerely
your head droops
Yoko Kato
Photograph: Sachiko Yoshida

Silence in a Valley

谷川の 瀬音静かや 散る紅葉
中根 久仁子
写真:吉田 幸子

In a valley by a shallow river
A silent moment
Falling maple leaves
Nakane Kuniko
Photograph: Sachiko Yoshida